Dog Toy Types



Better Dog Toy Selection

This site's goal is to review and recommend dog toys that can stand up to aggressive chewing dogs. All research is based on actual experience, either with my own Bull Terriers or reported by people who own dogs with similar chewing propensities.

Is there an indestructible dog toy?

Some people claim and others would like to believe that there are some truly indestructible dog toys. Although there are some toys that are safe for most dogs; I don't believe there are any that truly meet that standard for all dogs. This site will help you evaluate these claims and find toys that are both enjoyable and safe for your dogs to chew.

Dog Toy Dangers

I'll also share tips on early detection of one of the most dangerous threats to hard chewing dogs, bowel obstruction as well as tips for removing toys from dogs who aren't too keen on letting go.

I hope you enjoy this site and that your dogs enjoy our recommendations!